Here and Now - A Time Travel Novel M.A. Lachine

ISBN: 9781602648036

Published: May 1st 2011


340 pages


Here and Now - A Time Travel Novel  by  M.A. Lachine

Here and Now - A Time Travel Novel by M.A. Lachine
May 1st 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 340 pages | ISBN: 9781602648036 | 8.60 Mb

Det. Rosemary Cooper, woke in a strange bed, forty-seven pounds lighter, one month in the past, married to a man she didnt know, in a reality not her own. A reality where cars fly, streets are lit by gaslight, and mansions have replaced the New York skyline.According to the strangers around her, one year after she took a bullet to the head, ended up in and out of catatonic state, her sister Viv was murdered.

In Coops reality, Viv survived her attacker.Seeking information, Coop is further confused when Sergeant Farrell mans the desk of the twenty-second precinct. Yet things are wrong. This isnt her place in time. Farrell confirms her illness making her question if she does belong in this topsy-turvy world. How can that be?Her memories of family-Ryan-tall buildings, noisy streets, are too vivid to be imagined. Arent they?Suddenly she slides back into her own time and realizes the Rosemary Cooper of the alternate reality is ensconced in her job, family, and friends.

And a killer is on the loose.What past event caused her to travel to an alternate reality and switch with her doppelganger? Would it happen again?

Enter the sum

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