A Fairys Heart (Whisper A Wish #1) Sandra Ross


Published: May 4th 2014



A Fairys Heart (Whisper A Wish #1)  by  Sandra Ross

A Fairys Heart (Whisper A Wish #1) by Sandra Ross
May 4th 2014 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 3.78 Mb

CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNERWILL EVERYONE’S CHRISTMAS WISH COME TRUE THIS YEAR?December is Chrystal Seabell’s most favorite time of the year. The snow is falling, the air is crisp, and love is abound. It’s the time of the year she’s been waiting for, and nothing’s gonna stop her from making if perfect.With her heart set on making this Christmas extra special, Chrystal directs all her efforts into throwing a Christmas party for the children. All her family and friends are on board with this too, and she couldn’t be happier.Chrystal had the feeling that Travis will pop the big question to top off the holidays.

She should be looking forward to starting her life with Travis, but somehow a proposal is the last thing on her Christmas list. She would never want to hurt Travis, but she can’t keep leading him on, especially when he’s already thinking about the future.With Christmas fast approaching, will Chrystal be able pull everything off for a picture-perfect holiday?Download the book now and find out!***contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.BONUS PREVIEW AFTER EACH BOOK!EXCERPTIt was dark outside now.

All of the street lamps were on and offering some soft lighting along the sidewalks. Then there were the holiday decorations and lights that made the entire street look like a wonderland. The snow still came down in larger flakes.Chrystal loved it all.Just as she reached her car, her cell phone rang. Unlocking her door, she climbed into car and answered.“Hey, babe,” Travis’s voice greeted her. “I thought you’d be home by now.”“Yeah, I know,” she said as she started her car. “I got held up. I’ll explain when I get there. Are you at my parents’ house or the cottage?”“I checked at the cottage first but, when you weren’t there, I came up to the main house.

Your parents and I are having some wine while we wait for you.”“Okay, I’ll be there in just a few minutes, Travis. Please apologize to my parents for me. I’ll see you in a bit.”“Be careful.”“Always.”Setting the phone in the console, she focused all of her attention on driving.

She had been driving in snow all of her life and was a decent driver, but it never hurt to make sure that she did everything possible to reach her destination safely.Once she reached her parents’ estate, she rolled through the gates and took a slight detour back to her cottage. She really did want to freshen up a little even if her bubble bath would have to wait.Next Book: A Souls Mate

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